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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kunjungan hormat daripada Lt. Kol Grandmaster Prof Dr. Philbin Tan Presiden/ Ketua Jurulatih Persatuan Sang Moo Do Malaysia.

Bagan Datoh 29 Jan

Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
Menerima kunjungan hormat daripada 
Lt. Kol Grandmaster Prof Dr. Philbin Tan
Presiden/ Ketua Jurulatih Persatuan Sang Moo Do Malaysia. 
(Kombat Komando/Perisik tanpa senjata) 
di Pejabat beliau.


wow?? what is this? Lt Kol? Grandmaster? Prof Dr?
How did the ATM award him the Lt Kol? Did ATM check his background? How did the intelligence unit from atm could recommend the Lt kol? Firstly, there are NO sang moo do organization in korea. Its just a name for korean military. Mr philbin had use this words for his own benefit. And bingo 'sang moo do' would have been make in kepong, KL. Why did the TUDM allow this..person to teach the elite combat soldier when he himself are not even a qualified soldier? The paskau are infact more qualified then him. He has not even seen or been into REAL war! have you check his Professor or doctorate qualification? Its from online.
He was a an ex Lt muda in the pasukan sukarela TLDM. Why was he not rise from rank to Komander in PSSTLDM? The senior people from PSSTLDM and MTL dont buy his bullshit . They know his game. He has a bad record there. Ask this people from the KD Sri Klang and they tell you the truth. So he jump ship and TUDM buy his story. Well he will offer high Dan black belt degree to high ranking officer in a way to get what he want later. His Black belt Dan have no value and i wont be surprise its printed in Kepong. He study TKD until 3rd Dan and left(if he dont leave he be expel) and after 1year he is now a grandmaster and became a 7th Dan ..hahahaha. he claimed as the ATM instructor from TTS. But Unit TTS never heard of him.
If you want further information you can get the intelligence to write to me and i will lead you to those who know his background very very well including his very own teacher from TKD. Tq


First, check what you write. His rank Lt Kol (Kehormat) belongs to the ARMY and not TUDM. He got nothing to do with the ARMY, his rank (Kehormat) was recommended by the Minister. Thank you.

Hi Mawar, I hope that the minister did the right thing before its goes out of hand and became a laughing issue and it be real embarrassing for malaysia Armed forces for such an attitude to be confer the honorary rank. This person Philbin tan will glorified himself to the whole world as to who he is. As a rakyat and many others we like to know why this was recommended for and on what basis?
I have notice too that he(philbin) has given many free high Dan Black belt to many senior military officer in TUDM. Why is that so and the purpose for this?
His last posting as an Ex Lt Muda was at Kd Sri manjung. Check with the CO there, kept Hong or his XO Kdr vera why was he short track half way. Off course his 1st posting was at KD Sri Klang,that was also short track.

Yb recomended the Lt Kol (kerhormat) which also mean that he endorsed
- that philbin had produce many champion for the Asia & World Championship. Do you believe this claim?
- His PROFESSORSHIP & Doctorate which is from the Paramount University of technology which is a degree mill(fake) can be accepted for recommendation for the Lt Kol in the armed forces? So is this going to be a precedent set?
- that his martial art sang moo do is REAL and can be use to teach in paskau, paskal and etc. Pls READ

The korean special force are learning Taekwondo and NOT, I REPEAT NOT Sang Moo Do as he claim its korean special force art.

And how did he garner all his service medal and wings from? When he wore them during the presentation? Hahahaha he started his nonsense there too? well you will see more of this if you like his joke. This is not the right person to be recommended for the rank

You Can write to me for more detail and people who know his game at


I've been in Paskal for 15 years. I dont know this guy. We never employ him. Never recieve his service etc. bullshit indeed.

I and my sister were held as hootage 14 years ago,we still remember the hootage rescure Team Leader's face that is Lt. Kol Grandmaster Prof Dr. Philbin Tan,who you cliam that are not even a qualified soldier!He rescued my life and my sister,Penny,we really owed him a lot.

Branson Lee you this evil!
He saved my life but you made the false accusation against him!

So shocked after I searched in, Tan and found this Malaysian Army defamation content. In fact, Branson Lee didn’t even know my former team leader, Lt Kol Grandmaster. Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean. This is Philbin Tan.We were secretly picked, trained by a lot of top special force trainers in 1993 to free the hostage safely in a urban / mountainous region close to enemy territory and he saved my life twice. It was an extraordinarily brave, breath-taking even, hostage rescue operation that we had to carry out together many years ago. I pay tribute to his leadership skill and dedication. He has never had any excuse for injuring or killing team mates. He knows his weapons and tactics well, make impossible to be possible, and never fail in a dramatic rescue mission extraordinarily. All of us remembered his outstanding flying kicks and fastest throwing body skill.Our freed hostages had said enormous thank you to us and we were in this incredibly classified brave forces that took part in a lot of classified operation. Our names are highly classified and have never been published but we are one of the extraordinary group of people who do amazingly brave things.I strongly believed that Branson Lee is a fake. Someone is behind this. This is a set up.

Branson Lee, how come you accuse my friend, Lt Kol Grandmaster. Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean with false information? I was from KD Sri Manjung Royal Malaysian Navy Volunteer Reserve, I learned Taekwondo skill (Tempur Tanpa Senjata) from him and he served in Royal Malaysian Navy Volunteer Reserve for 15 years and left in 2008 because someone from KD Sri Klang paid us and asked us to set him up. Even though he did not tell anyone about his past but we had suspected that he tried to classify his excellent special force skill. He lectured us about “Management Skill” and “Modern Naval Warfare and Weapon System” to all KD Sri Manjung people in around 2005. From all your comment in & by using different names, everybody can tell that you are the same person definitely from Royal Malaysian Navy Volunteer Reserve, KD Sri Klang and seriously threatened by his outstanding achievement and try to tarnish him, especially in martial art and armed force. Why you are so bad hearted? Branson Lee is not your actual name, right?

To all readers,
I tell you the truth;
All Investigators know the lies of Lt Kdr Michael Ding Soon Min; Malaysian navy reserve officer from KD Sri Klang is the one created blogger name like Branson Lee in and moodosucks, big John, sakai in to attack his martial art business competitor, Lt Kol Grandmaster. Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean since 2009 with his cunning blogging technique. Because he is always the loser to Lt Kol Prof Dr Philbin.Every time Michael Ding entrapped Philbin with cunning e-marketing tactics, Philbin’s rank become higher, business become wealthier and having a lot of students& friends than him and got a happy family with 2 sons; he fear Philbin helped the armed force in martial art,

He know Phibin is very good in fighting and assassinating, so he can’t kill Philbin with Kaarate, so he use blog by attracting all army & crowd to believe Philbin’s PhD and professorship is a fake. and he say stupid army will definitely believe and sack Philbin. He help Bersih3.o rally and lead all his members to topple government and fear of Philbin’s marketing expertise can consolidate the position of defense minister and government.

I saw he wrote to Philbin secretly that Kept Hong and Kdr Veerakumar of KD Sri Manjung is the one who set up Philbin. He used them and entrapped them to set up Philbin. He cheated Philbin to fighgt each other with them.

All Taekwondo people knew that he collaborated with some Taekwondo masters to betray the Malaysia Taewkondo chief instructor and Perak Chief Instructor and set up them to be kicked out that promoted and helped him because he is always best traitor. If you don’t believe, you can refer to these two above-mentioned chief instructor. He was sacked by the Malaysian Taekwondo Association due to his betrayal, he always betrayed his boss and master. Don’t be his boss. Now he asked me to set up his navy reserve co of KD Sri Klang, Captain Jamal to be kicked out also now because he can be co.

He disseminated the rumours that Philbin caused many people died in Philbin’s parachuting and commando training together with Philbin, now he used blog to say all Philbin’s strength is a fake. He can attract all army by using and to disbelieve Philbin and he can also attract crowd to topple government with his e-marketing skill which he is so proud of himself.

All Michael Ding’s lies about Philbin were broken by using the blogger name like Branson Lee in and moodosucks, big John, sakai in when I saw www.facebook,com/philbin tan’s pictures.
He say all army is the weakest, he can use one missile to kill all is good that his enemy, philbin join army.

Michel Ding Soon Min’s tummy is very big and he cannot fight and teach at all, so he keep his weakness & post other sensei’s students in, so all public thought is his student. He paid someone to get into Karate and Shihan title.

Save me, god. He threatened and forced me as his Taekwondo student unwillingly to have sex with him in training centre when I was 13 years old… I scared and frightened by him not to tell my parents…
He brought me to abandon our baby in hospital 2 times by using my bank savings when I was 14 years and 1 time when I was 15 years old….
He also use his Karate & Taekwondo skill to hit me if I refused to have sex with him. He told me that he loved hitting his parents also.
Now he betrayed me and slept with another China doll…

He is well-trained in blogging and web marketing, so he has misused his skill and tagged secretly in search:
Perbarisan tersebut dihadiri oleh pegawai dan anggota LLP yang diketuai oleh Lt Kdr Michael Ding Soon Ming PSSTLDM. Kepten Jamal bin Nuruddin PSSTLDM selaku Pegawai ... - Cached
(proving to the Navy Headquarter that he can be Pegawai Laksana, eventhough he not yet a Pegawai Laksana, the proof:

The proof: God punished him, so he have no children with his wife until now…he say all people have children one is a big shit & disaster; He say he want to kill Philbin’s 2 sons and wife.I ask him to kill Phibin but he say philbin is crazy classified commando, very hard to kill, he asked me to use all blog related Malaysian Defense minister to say Philibin certificate is a fake.

If you follow Michael Ding Soon Min, you can find and prove he condemned Agong, Sultan Johor, Majlis Raja-raja Malaysia weekly together with PJ opposition leaders in Petaling Jaya Section 17 & SS2 restaurant and gave the TLDM ship, especially submarine and weapon information to opp leaders to make false allegation in all media for attacking his big boss navy chief and defense minister last year but he said Agong, government, Malaysian intelligence agency & TLDM are so stupid,useless , bodoh,makan tahi and gave him JMN and AMN,and do not take legal action against him. He forced me to follow him in Bersih 3.0 rally in KL and send a lot of proposal with his marketing skill to Azminn to topple government. He continued setting up our Prime Minister and Defense minister with Altantuya case in the media recently.

He not appointed as Pegawai Laksana but he told all people that Lt Kdr Tamreez Kaur is not and not qualified as Pegawai Laksana and he is a Pegawai Laksana. Proof is in the picture:

Dear all, My Karate Shihan, Michael Ding Soon Min and rocket friends prepare a evident and asked me last Mon to kill Malaysia government with get Malaysian AntiCorruption Commission to catch navy chief army chief air force chief defensse minister and kick ass of Malaysia Prime Minister. They want to use web and blog to topple government like Egypt way. He say all Karate sensei is cheap and no quality, he is No.1 best. He want us all to involve in anti-Malaysian government activities to tarnish government image in blogs & webs, otherwise, he shall cancel our Karate membership/

I m ex-lover of Lt Kdr Michael Ding and nearly died about 13 years ago, he used his Taekwondo skill to kick my stomach when I was pregnant of his 6 months child. He abandoned me and killed my child

You people are making me laugh.... hostage rescue??? urban / mountainous region close to enemy territory??? You people must be watching to many hollywood movies..
AlexanderSAS-12Sniper, you sound like the main actor in the movie...
AlexanderSAS-12Sniper, you said you were secretly picked by the top special forces trainers... ha ha ha you just made me shit in my pants. What you think the Malaysian GGK guys are not good enough to secretly pick you and your Sifu...
Non of the top military brass know anything about this so called Grand Master Lt Kol (KEHORMAT) (mind you its a KEHORMAT and not the real rank.) Only actors like David Teo and Datok K gets this KEHORMAT rank. It includes Philbin.
So, jangan belagak dengan pangkat KEHORMAT... its not easy to be a soldier. Kalau awak dapat pangkat KEHORMAT kenalkan diri anda sebagai Lt Kol KEHORMAT dan bukan LT KOL. That goes to you Mr. Philbin.

hahahah now you understand what we are trying to tell you mawar. Lt Kdr Michael know him well.can you imaging he claim to teach paskau without real life experience.. he is basically a dreamer in his own world. And he claimed to teach also the UTK !!

All these are true??? I wanted to join Lt Kdr Micheal Ding Academy for Karate !!!! Tell me guys !!!

Loneranger @Join Sang Moo Do bro.. the grannymaster philbin tan can walk on snow bare footer during his commando training, fighting one to 100 armed man and passed this secret commando training deep in the snowy mountain. 7% out of 3632 commando went for the test and he passed this..hahaha. sang moo do is 1068yrs old bro..even older then TKD, and best of all Korean embassy, all korean kwan and korean throughout the world was shock and amused as they never heard of this SANG MOO DO that claimed from korea..hahaha Maybe PM should talk to Obama to send this malaysian superman to syria to stop the chemical warfare...dont you think so ?

philbin tan @ suzy@ loneranger @faizal@lily@melisa @kristina@kahir @alexanderSAS@etc..could you show us 1. where did you get your airborne and your wings from? Many saw your picture at mindef. Are you qualify to wear this insignia? Your EX - comrade in PSSTLDM know you are not qualify. Why are you wearing the insignia? Are you trying to cheat and portrait to the public of who you really are? What about your 'professorship' are you not embarrass to call yourself 'prof' where you basically buy this from online? proof it to all, before Lt Kdr Michael take over from here and exposed all your cranky certificate here

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