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Friday, 1 March 2013


NOW, many people are seeing 'red' over Pakatan' manifesto that reflected the opposition pact's lackadaisical attitude towards the true management of the country and the people.
The manifesto truly seems like a piece of paper done in a rush manner without true research in every aspect of economy and human needs and desire.
The manifesto looks as though it is just a piece of propaganda item that serves just to attract people for a few hours and then forgotten, like a flyer offering special discounts and limited products.
It is a pity that a manifesto that is supposed to be a party's commitment towards enhancing the lives of the people and developing a country has been made to look like just an offering of discounts on products in supermarkets.
Malaysians who are voters should ask why the opposition pact does not put importance in putting up a realistic manifesto that reflects the maturity and wisdom of the parties?
Why the pact did not put serious thoughts in drawing up the manifesto so that voters can make evaluation and judge when comparing it with the ruling BN manifesto?
Why the leaders of the pact erred and left out many more important matters in the manifesto and then when queried simply reply the manifesto cuts across races and creed, and oil royalty for states in peninsular have been overlooked.
What a joke…when a leader or leaders and their men overlooked such important matters in a written document that is to be the parties' pledge and promise, does voter think these people are serious in wanting to run the country?
Voters knew already these people (opposition pact leaders and members) have yet to fulfill any of the item in the manifesto – pledges and promises – made in 2008 and now a new promise is put forward to attract.
The REALITY is that the opposition pact is devoid of content and intelligence as what they have put up thus far and shouted out loud are just empty talks or the Malays termed them as OMONG KOSONG.

The pact does not even know the depth of the country's economy, the taste and needs of the young people, the feelings and desires of the middle-age Malaysians – in short leaders and members of the pact are not 'touching base', not feeling 'real pulse' of Malaysians.
What they have shown and reflected in the manifesto is an act of desperation, an act of damage control to sustain their existence and relevance as they already see the writing on the wall that their days are numbered.
They know support for them have been on the decline and add to that the libel suits they are getting from voters who trusted them with their votes in 2008.
Besides, supporters are running away when they see leaders of the three parties are embroiled in clashes in many issues that will not any end while within the parties themselves, politicking and back-stabbing take centre-stage.
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